About Us

Hello and welcome from the Bystrom/Clifton family. A cross breed of ginger beards and beautiful Swedish smiles.


Firstly if your reading this then the chance is that you are a very close friend or family member; or you stumbled onto this site as you were curious if the Sahara ever had snow. So with this being said you will know the unconditional love I have for my amazing daughter. She has been the best gift I have ever received and I hope that every year of her life is as exciting and as fun as the first has been. Over the last year i have joked as to how easy it has been to raise a child. I will say now that this is true but mainly because Daniella has been an exceptional Mum.

Prevelly is quite possibly the happiest child to walk this planet. She wakes up every morning, rubs her eyes, puts her hands in the air and points to the phone for us to put on Spotify so that she can have her morning dance. She has said hello to over 5000 people with a regal wave that makes the queen look common. She was potty trained by 6 months, eating 3 course dinners by 7 months and by a year she is ready to take her first steps on her own onto a plane.


An emotional roller coaster with highs incomprehensible and lows that luckily only last for a few minutes. If you ever want to truly know how to love life and live in the moment then spend a day with this beautiful women. She is someone who will always support the underdog and help those in need. If she had a few assistants to carry out the actual planning and implementation stages of work this lady would be the most successful women around. Luckily for our family we have her lovable craziness all to ourselves which is a large reason we have a daughter as active and engaged as we do. Lastly before her personality shines through in photos and any videos she is a snapaholic and if left in charge of any blogs it will be a flip book of our day, so be prepared.


Last and by no means least you have yours truly. Its a very difficult task to write a bio without sounding arrogant so what the hell. A God among men, an inspirational leader to many and an all round amazing guy. Something along those lines. I am a very lucky man who has had an amazing upbringing and now has been blessed with a beautiful family. I work very hard in short stages of my life and do as little as possible except travel to fill in the months in between. With over 40 jobs in numerous countries I have experience that is expansive and mostly irrelevant. I now work for an amazing company and am looking to build a small passive income to allow us to spend 3 months a year travelling the world as the snow hits Sweden.