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Making a plan – Snowball In The Sahara

Hello to all of you beautiful people. Welcome to the overview of our planning which has proven to be the easiest part of our experience. Sticking to it for whatever reasons has been the undoing to the smoothness of our travel bookings. We left Sweden set on reigniting the passion of travelling South America that burned so strongly before the birth of our beautiful daughter.

“Easy, nothing to it, lets go”.

What we’ve found is that when you have to take into consideration the health requirements and needs of a one year old; the lets get up and just leave mentality doesn’t hold up as well as when you are child free. We may have overlooked the vaccination requirements and in turn are trying to plan a slightly ‘safer’ trip.

With Daniella being a new aged travelling hippie we know that Prevelly will be eating from street vendors, licking dogs and mingling with the locals. So, we have now decided to fly to New Zealand. A much safer option. I’m sure the Kiwi folk will let us eat their street food and if we desired even lick their dogs but it feels that with the English tone in the air its a safer option to take. The new plan is in place and as always sticking to it is not our strong point. Why would you fly to the other side of the world and not stop off in the Philippines for a bit of sunbathing. Oh we do like to sunbathe.

“How about we stay there for a month and do a tour of the islands”.
“Will a month be long enough”?.
“Ok lets make it three to be sure”.

That obviously doesn’t leave us as much time in NZ but with the option of hiring a camper van and doing a tour across the country in an accelerated time scale we can still fit in a good amount. Perfect.

Time to get our Visa’s for the Philippines and after many long drawn out conversations we realise that the limit is 59 days with the extended tourist visa. A day out in London baby, to the embassy, passports handed over with the hope they return in time and some fun in Trafalgar square. That leaves us a month down, should we add that back to our original plan or take advantage of this unexpected surprise and visit somewhere new whilst in the area. Vietnam is close enough so why not stop there for a month to make up the time. Happy days, the plan is in place. But then comes the obvious comment when on the cusp of paying,

“shall we pop over to Australia as we’re just there”.
“Why not” I say.

With the 12th amendment to our travel itinerary we are finally set. Is Vietnam, the Philippines, NZ and Australia ‘safer’ than South America. Who really knows. But they do not carry the risk of yellow fever according to the travel pro website which is good enough for us. We will ignore the risk of floods through Vietnam, Pirates in the Philippines, deadly animals that inhabit down under and the risk of being trampled to death by sheep in NZ (I don’t think that this will be an issue).

Our planning skills fall into one of two categories, Military or non existent. At work all activities are planed meticulously, every last detail and action accounted for, each report and method statement looked through, checked, double checked and then submitted. With travel plans I join my partner in crime, wait until a week or two before our rough deadline, throw a dart at a map and then just keep adding to the list as we delve deeper into an atlas. I must say that this style has already provided us with so many exciting memories and I don’t think we could or would do it any other way.

So we are now booked up. Four months of planes,hammocks, boats and sun. Vietnam to the Philippines, then to NZ, a quick hello to Western Australia to visit friends, a drive down to Prevelly Beach and then the quick flight back to London.

We have both said that we will try and plan some of the tour before we depart. To help with this or to enhance our trip in anyway your expertise is called upon. If you have visited any of the destinations mentioned in this post and can advise on what to do’s and where to go’s then please hit the contact tab and send us a message. Much Love.


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